Personal Favorites

Characters Crais, Jool
Season 3
Episodes (single):
• S1 Family Ties; DNA Mad Scientist
• S2 Crackers Don't Matter; Out of Their Minds
• S3 Green Eyed Monster; Revenging Angel
• S4 Bad Timing; Lava is a Many Splendored Thing ('cause of the slapstick, not the 'plot' *g*)
Episodes (2-/3-parter) Into the Lion's Den; We're So Screwed
Guest Characters Einstein, Jack
Battlestar Galactica
Characters Adama, Roslin, Tigh
Season 1st season
Episodes (single)
• S1 33; Hand of God
• S2 Downloaded, Scattered
Episodes (2/3-parter) Kobol's Last Gleaming; Pegasus story arc (I count Pegasus and Resurrection Ship 1+2 as a 3-parter)
Guest Characters Doc Cottle, D'anna Biers, Ellen (I'm probably the only one...)
Characters Mal, Wash
Season -
Episodes Serenity (Pilot); Out of Gas
Guest Characters Badger
Doctor Who
Doctors 4th (Baker), 3rd (Pertwee), 9th (Eccleston)
Companions Sarah Jane Smith, Leela, K9 (don't laugh!), Jack, Ace, Jamie, Jo Grant
Villains The Master (especially Delgado's), Daleks
Season 14; 10; 7; 27
Story Since Doctor Who has so many stories, here are my current top 10 (and even that is tough):
Genesis of the Daleks; City of Death; School Reunion; Dalek; The Empty Child; Tooth and Claw; War Games; Robots of Death; Carnival of Monsters; Time Warrior